IGN-7: Mark Levit – Former broadcast journalist & ad agency owner turned online marketer, and college professor

If you’re looking to find another job, or even if you’re a college student wondering how to land that first job, Mark Levit provides some very helpful tips and strategies that allow you to differentiate yourself from a sea of sameness.

Mark is the living example of the words, “You never know where life will take you.” In the college classes that he teaches, he emphasizes real world skills over academic prose. Mark’s career took a very non-linear path, but each step taught him useful skills and opened doors to the next opportunity. An experiment in the new world of Internet Marketing in 1995 led to the development of an e-commerce site that took off and that Mark still owns 18 years later. There is a lot of hidden wisdom in this interview.

Specifically, in this episode you will learn:

  • How early, seemingly unrelated work experience benefits you later in your career
  • How many college students confuse education with job-readiness
  • Why getting almost any job, networking, and identifying opportunities is a good strategy
  • Why HR departments are often the “job prevention department”
  • Some 21st century ways to circumvent HR departments and connect directly with hiring managers
  • The three things most hiring managers want to know you’re able to do based on your experience
  • How Mark “accidentally” created an Internet marketing site in 1995 (when almost no one knew what Internet marketing was) which grew into a thriving business that he still operates today

Favorite Quotes:

Never try to teach a pig to sing.  You’ll only frustrate yourself. And you’ll piss off the pig

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