IGN 16 – Gary Greenfield: Creating the Plan to Go from Corporate to Consulting

If you ever thought about taking your career skills and creating your own business, why not learn from someone who as already done it?

Gary Greenfield leveraged his successful corporate career into a thriving consulting business. In this session, he talks about taking your skills and passions and using them to develop the next chapter of your career. Pay attention when he talks about the importance of relationships and health in your overall success plan. Gary has a proven track record of identifying the little things that make a huge difference in performance.

Specifically, in this episode you will learn:

  • How your career can evolve through just one relationship
  • How to identify your passions, knowledge and skills to help other people
  • How to get comfortable with life’s uncertainties
  • How to identify and overcome one or more weaknesses that are holding you back
  • Why you’ll fail if money is your only motivator
  • How to strategically plan quitting your job
  • About the importance of effective communications in your life, but especially when you’re starting your own business
  • How to make sure you’re speaking and communication skills are at a sufficient level to help you succeed
  • Gary’s secret for staying focused on your career while still providing time and energy for your relationships and health
  • Gary’s secret for staying fit while traveling
  • Getting the right kind of education that will fuel your success
  • How to take information from a book and apply it to your life

Favorite Quotes:

Life is not about retiring, it’s about constantly aspiring. -Gary Greenfield

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