Focus on Fitness NOT Thinness with Rochelle Rice

Rochelle Rice is a nationally-recognized speaker, author and educator empowering women through movement.

A former professional jazz dancer with a history of bulimia, Rochelle embraces the Health At Every Size® approach after realizing the inordinate stress put on thinness in our society, rather than fitness. She believes all people have the right to a movement program that works for his or her body and no one should be discriminated against when it comes to movement.  Her focus is training people to move with grace and ease in the body they are in right now.

She is the author of Real Fitness for Real Women and Size Sensitivity Training, Programs and Environments.  She earned her Master’s degree at NYU specializing in her Plus Size Exercise Program.

She is a member of the Weight Stigma Shareholders Group who had an active involvement in helping to shift the language of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Campaign to be less weight biased.

She has appeared on Fox News, ABC World News Tonight and the CBS Early Show.

Her movement program has been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times, Family Circle and Fit Magazine.

Rochelle is an Accredited Speaker of Toastmasters International (– one of only 64 in the world! )

She has been a member of the National Speakers Association since 2004.  She is a past President of the New York City Chapter, has served on the NSA Speaker Magazine Editorial Board, and serves as the Chair of the Chapter Leadership Committee – helping chapters thrive.

Rochelle believes in helping create a “Buffet of Movement” for people – producing a joyful experience instead of one of dread, gloom and “paying your dues.”

Specifically, in this episode you will learn:

  • Why women who want to be fit should focus on enjoying movement instead of being thin
  • The value of the “buffet of movement”
  • The benefit of awareness of movement, in other words, putting the mind into the muscle at the moment
  • How to use the ABC’s of movement to add beneficial activities to your life
  • Why you should do exercises you think are fun
  • The internal cues you should focus on with exercise instead of the external cues
  • Why diets fail 95% of the time and why it’s not your fault
  • Why you need to make decisions in your body and not in your head
  • The essential questions to ask yourself when you’re experiencing food cravings
  • How to get started with movement

Favorite Quotes:

It’s not about being thin. It’s about being fit through movement. -Rochelle Rice

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