IGN-9 Dr. Rick Goodman: From Chiropractor to Serial Entrepreneur

Why is it that some people can’t think of a single job alternative, while others create one business after another? It’s all about keeping your eyes open and your beliefs.

Dr. Rick Goodman began his professional career as a chiropractor where he built multiple clinics and thrived. Yet many of the challenges he faced led to new business ideas that he had the courage to try. In this session, Dr. Rick talks about seeing the opportunities in front of you and creating a belief system to carry you to success. He says his key is learning how to do what other successful people have done.

Specifically, in this episode you will learn:

  • The thinking that led Dr. Rick to venture into one business after another successfully
  • How and why he started a mega successful business, inspired by his being a healthcare professional, but very different
  • Some great examples to expand services you provide to similar businesses who can’t do what you can
  • How to find the time to create another business when you already have a busy career
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to hear “no” and what “no” often means
  • The power of “what if”

Favorite Quotes:

Success is just one idea away  -Dr. Rick Goodman

 Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

    • The Law of Success by Napolean Hill

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